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If you are looking for the machinery and specialists required to take a core sample in Redhill, you have come to the right place.

Core drilling is a complex process that uses large machinery to create a cylindrical hole through concrete or rock, removing a sample for inspection to check structural integrity.

Because of the scale of the core drills themselves, this needs to be done by skilled professionals. We are a team of experienced core drilling professionals with a real passion for every step of the core drilling process.

Read on below to find out more about our core drilling services in Redhill, or get in touch with our team via our website to discuss options and get a free quote!

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Why Use Us?

Here at Core Drilling, we are accredited core drilling professionals with all the expertise and knowledge needed to give you a perfect core sample every time.

Our Redhill team are fully trained in all appropriate safety equipment and machinery use and can work with clients of any size from any industry.

We have a full complement of Construction Skills Certification Scheme (CSCS) certifications, as well as training from The Site Management Safety Training Scheme (SMSTS) and The Site Supervisor Safety Training Scheme (SSSTS).

We have over 10 years of experience in all of the many applications of core drilling for various projects and materials and have cut holes of varied sizes in a wide range of hard materials for clients across the entire UK, helping them to get the subsurface data they need.

Diamond Core Drilling Costs Redhill

The average cost of diamond core drilling is around £540 per day.

This cost will vary depending on the number of holes being drilled, the specific drilling machinery used, the length of time the machinery is needed, and the number of operators involved in using a core drill for your project.

Diamond coring uses a lot of large and complex machinery, and taking competent rock samples is a painstaking process.

The smaller machinery used for smaller holes and soft coring materials like concrete will be cheaper than using a large-scale diamond-coated drill bit for cutting large holes in hard rock material.

For more specific numbers, get in touch with us today for a fully personalised quote for the costs of your project. No matter the scale of your projects in Redhill or the specific cutting process required, we can help you drill.

Benefits of Diamond Core Drilling

There are many different types of core drilling in Redhill, each of which has many benefits for different situations. Here are the biggest benefits of using a core drill.

Non Percussive

Unlike other cutting methods, diamond core drilling does not use a percussive motion. This has the advantage of reducing the amount of vibration in the cutting process, significantly reducing the risk of injury from Hand and Arm Vibration Syndrome.

Minimal Noise and Vibration

The core drilling process is a quiet one, producing minimal disruption to nearby residents in Redhill. The lack of noise and vibration keeps it discreet.

Minimal Cleanup Required

The tools used in diamond core drilling are clean and efficient, with drilling fluid used to prevent excessive dust. As a result, there is minimal mess and collateral damage caused by the process of cutting a hole through metal, stone, or concrete, unlike with other drills.

Accurate Hole Cutting

The system of nested barrels used in a diamond core drill bit ensures that the holes cut are extremely precise.

The inner barrel and outer barrel ensure that the core bit is guided to exactly where it is meant to go, cutting only the unconsolidated material you want to have cut.

Cuts Steel, Stone, and Concrete

Concrete drilling can often be a bit unreliable because of the steel bars that are often run through concrete structures as reinforcements.

Most drill bit options, like those used for mud rotary drilling, will struggle with this steel and can only cut through the concrete itself.

Diamond core drill bits have no such difficulty and can cut through steel and concrete with equal ease.

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What is Core Drilling?

Core drilling is the process of using a core drill bit to cut a hole. A core drill is a hollow, cylindrical type of drill used to create a hole in a surface.

It is constructed of metal, and the drill points are commonly diamond or carbide-coated.

A core drill is made up of three parts: a motor, a handle, and drill bits. A core drill is distinguished from other cement-cutting instruments in that it extracts a sample from the material.

The hollow centre of the drill allows it to cut out a sample from the drilled material. This sample, known as a core sample, matches the shape of the hollow walls of the core drill.

There are many types of core drilling in Redhill, including soft coring, hard coring, dry core drilling, mud rotary drilling, and basic core drilling using carbide core drills.

When the drill bit used is coated with diamond cutting elements, and using it is called diamond coring, which is the process used for construction projects where the materials that need a hole cutting through are particularly hard, such as stone, or of variable density, such as concrete with steel rebar or unexpected pipes inside it.

How Does Core Drilling Work?

There are two different types of core drilling in Redhill. These are soft coring and hard coring. Soft core drilling is for shorter drilling distances through softer materials, keeping the sample safe from air and the structural integrity of the structure intact.

This uses the inner barrel of the nested barrels. For longer cuts and harder materials, hard coring is generally used.

This method is for materials harder than sandstone and takes a clean sample of solid material, boring a smooth shaft through the rock with the outer barrel of the tool.

There are three main parts to each of the different types of drilling equipment in Redhill. The base, the arm, and the bit. The base is a stable piece of machinery that houses the engine.

The arm allows the drill bit to be positioned against the wall or other surface in order to cut a shaft, and the bit is the part of the drill equipment that actually does the drilling, making a hole through the material and producing a core sample that can be used to gather data.

Where is Core Drilling Needed?

There are many different situations during the construction process where core drilling is necessary in Redhill. This equipment is often used at different stages of a construction job, generally to check the composition of a substrate or to find pipes and reinforcement bars.

Any construction job may find a high-quality hole useful, however. For example:

If these, or any other similar processes, are relevant to you, core drilling might be useful. Get in touch with our team in Redhill and we can help you to get started by assembling a fully personalised quote for your core drilling project.

Core Drilling Services We Offer

We offer core drilling services for two main categories of clients and projects: commercial core drilling and domestic core drilling. Let’s take a look at these two core drilling categories.

Commercial Core Drilling Redhill

Larger commercial construction sites often require hole drilling. We offer large-scale concrete drilling with a range of industrial drills and tools, both for exploratory drilling and for practical hole-making through any material.

Our larger industrial core bits are well suited for any surface or material, generally used for, for example, a hole drilled through a concrete wall to allow the passage of wires through the solid wall.

Domestic Core Drilling Redhill

It is not just commercial sites that need drilling. Our smaller core drills are often used for brick, concrete, or wood materials in domestic environments.

Drilling out chimney flues makes a large part of our core drilling portfolio, and we have a range of core drill bit options that make it easy to customise our method to match the material and situation needed in your home.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Largest Hole a Core Drill Can Cut?

Our largest core drills have very wide core bit components, allowing for boreholes of up to two metres in diameter. Most of our core bits are smaller than this, but the large-scale drill bits are available for clients in need of very large machinery.

What Materials can a Core Drill cut?

While most core bits are used for drilling through concrete, our core drill machinery can work with any material or surface. This includes stone, brick, concrete, wood, and steel, each of which requires different specialised core drill bits.

How Deep Can Core Drilling Go?

The depth of a core drill hole will depend on the particular drill used. Most core drill bits will cut through most standard surface materials to a depth of 500 feet, while some of our larger machines with larger core bit elements can cut as deep as 5,000 feet.

Different core drill projects need different core bit components, and we ensure that we always use the right drill bit for the job, no matter how deep the hole required.

What is Dry Core Drilling?

Dry core drilling is the process of using a core drill without drilling fluid to lubricate it. This creates a lot of dust and is only recommended for certain core bit types and certain surface materials, but it is a possible choice for certain situations.

This type of drill use requires more safety equipment, including an industrial respirator or dust extraction system. The core bit used will create a large amount of dust, and anyone operating this drill will need to protect themselves from respiratory damage.

Product Codes

Niche Safety Standards / Environmental Requirements

Our core drill operatives are all CSCS-approved and licensed.


Our highly skilled team of core drill operators in Redhill have all the experience and knowledge needed to ensure that you get the sample you need from your surface, and the perfect size of hole through your materials.

We have all the drills and drill bit options needed for any material and any situation, and we are proud to help and support our clients through every step of the process.

There are different core drill options available for different materials and circumstances, and we can offer the right drill for the job every single time. Our selection of drill options allows clients to get a perfectly smooth hole every time, with a minimum of disruption.

We can offer a high quality drilling service to clients across the entirety of the UK. No matter what size of project you are dealing with in Redhill or what material you are working with, we can help. So get in touch today for a free zero-obligation quote!

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